Warzone devs secretly add controversial bloom mechanic to Cold War guns

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone bloom

It has been discovered that some of the Black Ops Cold War guns possess the dreaded bloom mechanic in Warzone Pacific.

Warzone has received a lot of backlash over a variety of things since the Pacific update and move from Verdansk to Caldera.

As well as players giving their opinions on Caldera’s design, many were not happy with the addition of bloom to the Vanguard weapons. The devs quickly reversed this mechanic for Warzone, but TrueGameData has found some Cold War guns that still possess bloom.

Warzone Stoner 63 LMG

According to their latest video posted on January 11, TrueGameData was testing out weapons in Warzone Pacific Season 1 to see if any of them still possess the bloom mechanic after the devs previously removed the feature in a past update.

To their surprise, there are still two guns in the game that have “ADS bloom” and they’re both from Black Ops Cold War’s arsenal.

The two Cold War weapons the Warzone content creator found to have bloom are:

  • MG82
  • Stoner

In the video, TrueGameData shows screenshots of recent testing, which is done by shooting single fire at a target. The idea is that the bullets should generally hit exactly where your reticle is pointing, taking weapon sway and natural movement into account.

This will definitely be disappointing considering players were told the mechanic was taken out of the game. However, these aren’t the most meta or popular weapons in the game so perhaps players won’t notice as much.

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Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision