Warzone devs revert loadout drop delay after community backlash

Warzone loadout drop change reverted

As a result of community feedback, Raven Software have announced that they will be reverting the loadout drop timing which will allow players to purchase loadouts from buy stations much earlier during a match.

When Warzone Pacific Season 1 took players from Verdansk to Caldera several changes were implemented to the battle royale’s gameplay. The most controversial change prevented players from buying loadout drops until the second circle.

The change drastically slowed down the pace of Warzone matches and forced players to use floor loot weapons for an extended period of time. It seems the countless complaints and calls to revert the unwanted change have finally paid off as the devs announced a return to the classic format.

Loadout drop warzone

In a Call of Duty blog post released on February 3, information concerning the loadout drop change was revealed. Warzone players will notice a change immediately as a minor update rolled out on the same day of the blog post.

The blog explains the change in detail, “Operators should expect to see Loadout Drops available to purchase in Buy Stations at any time, rather than restricting availability during a match’s opening minutes.”

It is important to note that this change will not affect Vanguard Royale playlists which should result in an influx of players opting for Standard Battle Royale playlists. Loadout drops will set players back $10,000.

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Call of Duty streamers and content creators have been vocal about their desire to see the change reverted with some even dropping Warzone as a result.

FaZe Swagg even went as far to proclaim that he’d get an ill-advised tattoo if the loadout drop system would revert to the original.

Now that this change is in place we may see significant streamers such as NICKMERCS return to the game. After all, the game’s pace should pick up following this change as players will be thrust into high-impact engagements from the get-go.

Warzone players will be pleased to see that the devs are listening to community feedback and taking their concerns into consideration. With Season 2 set to address additional gameplay issues, Warzone could return to its best in the near future.

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software