Warzone devs promise fix for ‘concerning’ Double Barrel Shotgun

Double Barrel Shotgun in Warzone

The Double Barrel Shotgun has been dominating Warzone matches in recent weeks, and this has caught the attention of the developers who have now promised some changes.

Warzone’s meta has changed over the years, with different weapons being added to the game. The Pacific update brought 40 weapons from Vanguard, and one notable addition is the Double Barrel Shotgun.

However, this weapon has been deemed as the “most broken” one in the game. Thankfully, these complaints haven’t gone unnoticed by the developers, who have now responded to this issue.

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Double barrel shotgun in cod vanguard

After returning from the holiday break, the developers announced that they’ve noticed the problems with Warzone’s Double Barrel Shotgun. They then reassured fans that some changes are coming.

There’s no information about what these adjustments will be or when they’ll arrive. At the time of writing, it’s still possible to equip the Akimbo attachment in the game, so the developers haven’t disabled it yet.

“We’re aware of the concerns regarding the Akimbo Double Barrel Shotgun,” Raven Software tweeted on January 5. “An adjustment is coming in the near future.” They didn’t provide any further details following this.

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Many players have been frustrated with how unbalanced this Akimbo Double Barrel Shotgun makes the game. Many have labeled it as “overpowered” since it lets you kill your enemies in a heartbeat.

While this weapon loadout is still available in Warzone today, it’s reassuring to know that the developers are investigating the problem. We’ll be sure to let you know when the developers implement the fix.

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Image credits: Raven Software