Warzone dev says RICOCHET anti-cheat will keep getting better

Luca Di Marzo
caldera map RICOCHET

In a call with Warzone expert Tyler ‘TeeP’ Polchow, Warzone dev Josh Bridge stated that RICOCHET anti-cheat will keep getting better moving forward.

On March 23, Warzone veteran TeeP spoke with dev Josh Bridge as the two discussed the current state of Warzone and future plans for the battle royale. The pair touched on several significant topics that have garnered the community’s interest including map rotations and a Ranked Play mode.

They also took time to address the current performance of RICOCHET anti-cheat as well as the longevity of the cheat preventing software.

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Warzone Ricochet anti-cheat

Since RICOCHET’s global launch back on December 15, 2021, Warzone players have had their doubts about the software. While there’s no denying that RICOCHET has created interesting ways to nerf and eliminate cheaters, some players still question the efficiency of the anti-cheat.

TeeP kicked off the topic by stating that his personal experiences with cheaters in Caldera compared to Verdansk are far fewer. While there’s no way to eliminate 100% of cheaters, Josh Bridge confirmed that the anti-cheat was designed to improve over time.

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The fine details behind RICOCHET’s functionality remain a secret for good reason, but it’s interesting to note how Bridge talks of RICOCHET as an adaptable type of technology that will improve at eliminating cheaters over time.

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For starters, he says that the dev team is “overall happy” with RICOCHET so far and that having a “team dedicated, always there with technology software monitoring and going after cheaters” has made the world of a difference in terms of efficiency.

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He briefly explains the process of countering new cheats that may arise “we find new ways as cheaters are finding a different sort of loophole or a hack and we plug it up and we move forward.”

If we view RICOCHET as technology that can be improved to combat new hacks then there’s no doubt that the anti-cheat’s efficiency will reach new levels as Bridge promises, “It’s going to keep growing and get better and better.”

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