Warzone community furious as Raven make major changes to Perks

Matt Porter
Warzone character and the Ghost Perk

Raven Software shocked the Call of Duty community on March 28, dropping major changes to five of the game’s perks. With these buffs and nerfs having far-reaching consequences in the game, it’s no surprise that players are split, with a large chunk unhappy with the changes.

Warzone developers Raven Software dropped surprise patch notes on March 28, just hours after well-known content creators began to realize something had changed with in-game perks.

The biggest change comes to Ghost, which now only applies its stealth effect when players are moving. If you stop, you’re going to reappear on the map for enemies using UAV, which will completely change how you play when using the perk.

On top of that, Scavenger now gives an Armor Plate when you pick up a pouch, while Restock has changed so that Stims have a 60-second timer to stop players using them in gas. E.O.D’s damage reduction has been raised from 35% to 45%, while inserting an Armor Plate now starts health regeneration when using Quick Fix.

Ghost in Warzone

These changes will alter the way Warzone is played and could be the start of some major adjustments that Raven will make during Year 3 of the battle royale.

Unsurprisingly, these decisions have created lots of discussion among the Call of Duty community, with many praising Raven for making these major changes.

Warzone streamer and Call of Duty League caster Joe ‘MerK’ De Luca said he “loved to see these updated,” although questioned whether the Restock nerf could lead to players spamming Stun and Flash Grenades.

While there is some positivity around the changes, plenty of players are upset with Raven’s decision, sending their thoughts to the developer on Twitter.

“More pandering to [sweaty players] at the expense of casuals,” wrote a disgruntled CoD fan. “Start thinking more about the casual players. Not many left.”

Twitter user ‘uofkrulez24’ agreed, writing: “[You] need to change the Ghost perk back to how it was. The only people who use it are casual players like myself.”

“Now that you changed it, you’ve lost half the player base just to cater to the sweats.”


“Just horrible,” tweeted Evan Long. “First and foremost, that we had to find out from TrueGameData and JGOD beforehand.”

“Secondly, the Ghost nerf. It would be one thing if it was just UAVS but now the Heartbeat Sensor BS is worse than it ever was. I’m not talking about camping, but repositioning mid-fight. Awful.”


While Warzone fans aren’t happy with the changes at the moment, it’s worth remembering that these buffs and nerfs are new. Players will need to jump into the game and try them out before they can be sure about how they affect the game.

If complaints remain and the community is still unhappy though, it’s possible that Raven could revert things back to the way they were.

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