Warzone cheaters use new hacks to scale vertical cliffs like Spider-Man

Spider-Man climbing rocks in warzone caldera

Warzone’s unclimbable rocks have long been a source of frustration for players, but cheaters have found a way to scale vertical cliffs as if they were Spider-Man.

With all of the incredible things that a Warzone Operator is capable of, such as indefinitely sprinting and pulling their parachute meters from the ground without breaking their legs, players have long complained that they’re incapable of completing one seemingly simple task — climbing rocks.

Caldera has largely solved this problem but there are still some cliff faces that are impossible to climb. However, it turns out that nowhere in Caldera is safe, as cheaters are using their hacks to scale these vertical cliffs like Spider-Man.

unclimbable rocks in warzone caldera

It appears that alongside the plethora of game-breaking cheats such as wallhacks and aimbots, Warzone cheaters are also getting increased melee distance. While this is terrifying enough on its own, they’ve found a way to use this Commando Pro-like melee lunge to scale vertical cliffs.

Reddit user Rip-Falcon saw first-hand how terrifying these new cheats can be. They were perched on the very top of Caldera’s Peak when they got into a fight with another player down below. Even though they held the high ground, it didn’t matter. The player somehow scaled the vertical cliff face and came over the top for a quick melee beatdown.

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The killcam showed that the player was actually a hacker, spamming the melee button and using the increased melee lunge to scale the vertical cliff face. They might also be able to do this on walls but we imagine that the cliff gives the player model something they can stick on so they can keep climbing.

Next time you’re holding high ground over a player at the bottom of a vertical cliff, it’s worth making sure they’re not a cheater scrambling their way up to surprise you.

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Image Credit: Activision / Sony Pictures