Warzone cheaters take to Facebook Gaming, see no bans

Nicholas Sakadelis

Facebook Gaming has an issue with players streaming live footage of them cheating in Warzone, without punishment.

Streaming is a hobby enjoyed by millions, and these days, it’s easier than ever to start your own stream with consoles supporting live streaming to various platforms. All of these platforms focused on video game streaming, strictly forbid the use of cheats in online games while live.

For Twitch, this rule seems to be enforced strictly, resulting in bans of any users who stream cheats to the website. However, it appears Warzone cheaters have flocked to Facebook Gaming as a safe haven, considering their community guidelines do not include rules against players who cheat live, much like Twitch’s guidelines.

Twitch’s guidelines specifically out players who cheat or hack in any multiplayer game, and even go as far as to ban stream sniping. Facebook, however, does not expressly have this clause in their community guidelines.

A simple search of “Warzone cheats” revealed live streams and Facebook Gaming pages that have been up for months, hosting dedicated cheating streams.

Facebook user streams Warzone cheats live to the platform

A Safe Haven for cheaters

Since players are not breaking the terms of service, they are also able to reap the rewards of any regular Facebook Gaming streamer, including the ability to monetize their streams. Facebook allows donations much like Twitch, and since these streamers can pull in hundreds of curious viewers, they can make some money if they choose to donate.

After an outcry of comments on a Facebook Gaming stream with players accusing the streamer of breaking the rules, the streamer posted proof Facebook still had their page monetized.

As you can see from the above image, it seems Facebook’s Moderation team hasn’t yet taken notice of the damage players who cheat in online games can cause. These streams can be advertisements for other players to cheat, since they set the precident that players won’t be punished for their actions on the platform.

Players who stream cheats still get banned in game, but will not see the same repercussions on Facebook Gaming, so they can simply make a new account and continue streaming, where on Twitch their account would eventually be banned via the report system.

If you’d like to learn more about how or why these players cheat live on Facebook Gaming, YouTuber Rara has recently posted an interview with one of the streamers.


As of now, Facebook Gaming streamers who cheat still run rampant, with plenty of stream replays to view. We hope Facebook changes its streaming policies in order to ensure streamers can’t advertise or glorify cheats.