Warzone cheaters take hacks to next level by adding flying vehicles

Nathan Warby
Warzone vehicle flying off ramp

Unfortunately, cheats like aimbots and wallhacks have been commonplace in Warzone for some time. Now, following a joke Tweet from FaZe Clan member Kalei ‘KaleiRenay, hackers have outdone themselves by adding flying vehicles into the game.

As we head closer and closer to Call of Duty: Vanguard’s integration into Warzone, as well as the long-awaited addition of anti-cheat, it appears that hackers are pulling out all the stops before they are hopefully a thing of the past.

Just days after FaZe Clan member Kalei jokingly remarked on Twitter that she wants to “see flying cars” added into the game next, it appears that some cheaters took her words literally and took it upon themselves to make it happen.

Reddit user Aquilo3D uploaded a video that confirmed flying vehicles were causing problems in Raven Software’s game. While standing on a roof, the player (pmKanx) was suddenly killed with little warning.

After watching the killcam, it became clear that he was eliminated by two players riding on the back of a motorbike that they were able to propel through the sky.

Starting on the ground, the hackers were able to fly up into the air and over large obstacles that would have ordinarily made it impossible to reach the roof. They then accurately landed on top of the player to secure the elimination.

The speed and accuracy with which the cheaters were able to move means they could probably win the match without firing a single bullet. Instead, they could avoid fire by flying overhead and use the vehicle itself to score kills.

The video sparked a strong reaction from the community, with many saying they were tired of “comical” new hacks emerging seemingly every week, and that anti-cheat can’t come soon enough.

Some users even urged players to see the funny side. User CarlosG0619 said, “Might as well laugh it off, no point in ruining your day because of them.”

Hopefully, the implementation of anti-cheat will put an end to hacks like this finding their way back into Verdansk.

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Image credits: Activision