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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Insane Warzone glitch forces players to see inside their own skull

A bizarre new bug has been discovered in Warzone Season 5 which is causing players to see the inside of their Operators’ skulls.



Warzone operators in a helicopter

Call of Duty players have seen their fair share of bugs, and an extremely weird one has been discovered that lets players see the inside of their Operators’ skulls in Warzone Season 5.

Warzone’s Season 5 Reloaded update is almost here, and fans are looking forward to all the new content that will become available. The devs also issue a few bug fixes through update patches.

Some glitches can provide benefits to players, including the ability to see through walls, while others can be game-breaking. Now, a strange new one has been discovered which is unsettling to players.

player sniping on warzone rooftop

Reddit user weyess highlighted this new bug in the Warzone subreddit. The player was enjoying a game of Quads when they suddenly entered into a strange new POV.

After opening and closing their in-game roster, the player realized that instead of switching back to the intro sequence, they were thrown into a first-person view of their operator from the inside of the skull.

The bizarre part was that they could also see their ears, eyes, and teeth. “What am I even looking at,” asked the Redditor.

Luckily, this problem didn’t persist for too long, as the camera suddenly cut to an outside view of the helicopter. This glitch fixed itself right as the pre-game launch screen reappeared.

This means that this particular bug isn’t game-breaking, but it is very entertaining to look at. It’s unclear what exactly caused this to happen, but it sure gave the commenters something to joke about.

Since this isn’t a game-breaking bug, we don’t expect the developers to focus their attention on removing it anytime soon. For more Warzone, check out our hub on the upcoming The Doors event and its rewards.

Image Credit: Raven Software