Warzone cheaters make hacked lobbies that rank up weapons instantly

Warzone player running with gun

Hacking is a major issue in Warzone, but cheaters have turned over a new leaf, creating lobbies where players can get their weapons to max XP with just a single kill.

There’s nothing more annoying than when a gun becomes the Warzone meta, and you haven’t ranked it up. While everyone else is shredding with the new go-to loadout, you’re struggling to level it up and unlock attachments.

This frustrating scenario is the bane of many players’ existence. For many, the only thing worse is cheaters, who use bots and hacks to take you down with no skill.

With the holiday season just around the corner though, these hackers have turned over a new leaf, with their latest exploit allowing players to rank up weapons with just a single kill.

Players using guns in Warzone

To get all the attachments for every gun, players need to grind through levels of Weapon XP. Every time you rank up, you get a new attachment, but with so many scopes and barrels, this can take forever, even if you use Double XP.

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Hackers have clearly found a way around this though, with new glitched lobbies offering insane amounts of Weapon XP. In fact, these matches are allowing players to unlock every single attachment by getting just one kill with the gun.

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These lobbies were brought to light by Timthetatman, who posted a clip to Twitter showing the hack in action, with the caption: “I think we have a problem, Call of Duty.”

Raven Software and Activision are already attempting to combat hackers, dropping a kernel-level driver as part of their RICOCHET anti-cheat system. Unfortunately for them, it hasn’t blocked this exploit.

The developers are yet to comment on this hack, but it’s likely that they’ll look to patch up the flaws which allow this to happen. Whether they will take away Weapon XP earned through this method is unknown.

Image Credits: Raven Software

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