Warzone cheaters could become undetectable thanks to major Nvidia hack

Liam Mackay
Ghost sneaking past Warzone RICOCHET anti-cheat

It appears that cheat developers have found a way to sign their cheats with an Nvidia certificate and if Activision don’t block it, it could completely bypass RICOCHET.

While the RICOCHET anti-cheat has vastly improved Warzone’s experience for many, there are always some cheaters who slip through the cracks. It appears cheating could take a turn for the worse after Nvidia was hacked last week.

Nvidia’s hackers reportedly released confidential information such as the source code to the DLSS technology. If a recent report is to be believed, this could have a major impact on Warzone’s RICOCHET anti-cheat’s effectiveness.

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Ricochet anti-cheat in Warzone

According to cheating watchdog ‘Anti-Cheat Police Department,’ the Nvidia leak “gave cheaters an advantage.” They said that hackers are now “capable of signing their cheat with an Nvidia certificate which is bad for all games no matter the anti-cheat.”

This would make cheats appear as legitimate software and it may be undetectable to anti-cheat technology such as RICOCHET – unless the certificate is already blocked.

Anti-Cheat PD tweeted a follow-up later, saying that Riot’s Vanguard anti-cheat already blocks the certificate. Plus, “after talking to some cheat developers it also appears the cert is expired so anti-cheats will be able to block this cert from working.”

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They said that it should be nothing to worry about unless the certificate isn’t blocked by a specific anti-cheat or game. What this means for Warzone’s RICOCHET remains to be seen as it all depends on whether Activision have blocked it.

Even if they do make it through, RICOCHET has a strict punishment for anyone who’s suspected of cheating. It will apply a damage shield to nerf cheaters live in-game, making it so their bullets to almost zero damage. Plus, it’s even turning other players invisible in front of their eyes.

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Image Credit: Activision

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