Warzone Caldera Pacific map size compared to Verdansk

warzone caldera verdansk maps side by side

At the start of Season 1, we will be saying goodbye to Warzone’s iconic Verdansk map. But just how big is the Warzone Caldera map compared to Verdansk?

Verdansk has been the main map for Call of Duty: Warzone since its release. However, Raven Software announced that Warzone Season 6 would be the end of Verdansk.

Players have been asking for a new map for quite some time, and soon they’ll be heading to the Pacific island of Caldera. With an Activision executive revealing the Caldera map, we can now compare its size to Verdansk.

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Warzone Caldera compared to Verdansk

warzone caldera map gameplay

Caldera is a lush mountainous island, so we already know it is going to be very different from Verdansk. The current Warzone map is a modern post-apocalyptic city, while Caldera boasts a rural tropical paradise.

But beyond the green scenery, players want to know how big Caldera actually is. Luckily, Reddit user AyranMen32 did the math and came up with a rough comparison.

After a series of squinting and mathematic gymnastics, AyranMen32 was able to produce the map below. The white outline is Verdansk, and the island is Caldera. As you can see, Caldera is quite a bit larger.

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AyranMen32 does admit that this is a rough comparison between Warzone’s Verdansk and Caldera. The calculations were based on the width of each map’s roadways as well as using the scale bar in the bottom right corner.

On further investigation, the Reddit user claims that the size different is not as substantial as first shown above. Here’s an updated version:

A larger number of Caldera’s POIs are placed on the Island’s outskirts. With the island being so large, players are concerned that there might be too much open space.

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However, the topography of Caldera could transform this open space into unique unnamed locations. But that will remain unknown until Caldera arrives on December 3rd.

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software