Warzone April 13 patch notes: Vehicles return to Rebirth Island, Bizon buff, bug fixes

Liam Mackay
warzone rebirth island reinforced

Vehicles were removed from Rebirth Island after players used them to glitch inside the Golden Vaults but they have returned in Warzone’s April 13 update. Here are the full patch notes, including bug fixes.

As Warzone Pacific Season 2 draws to a close, Raven Software have been keeping on top of small issues by releasing regular updates. The April 6 update included a few bug fixes, and now the April 13 update has brought even more.

Here are the full Warzone April 13 patch notes, including vehicles returning to Rebirth Island, the Bizon receiving a buff, and bug fixes.

Warzone Rebirth Island Golden Vault door

Vehicles return to Warzone’s Rebirth Island

The Golden Vaults weren’t set to unlock until players completed a community challenge as part of the Rebirth Reinforced event, however, players managed to use vehicles to glitch inside them before they officially opened.

In response, Raven Software simply removed all vehicles from Rebirth Island. They have returned with the April 13 update, presumably with the method to get inside the Golden Vaults patched as well.

PP19 Bizon in Warzone

Modern Warfare Bizon buffed in Warzone April 13 update

Although more of a fix than a buff, players will now find Modern Warfare’s PP19 Bizon much more consistent following the April 13 update.

Players discovered a weird glitch where the Bizon would deal more damage to the left side of the body than the right and Raven Software announced that the issue has now been fixed. Now, the Bizon should deal 34 damage to both sides of the body.

Warzone April 13 patch notes


  • Vehicles have returned to Rebirth Island.


  • Fixed an issue with the Submachine Gun Echo (MW) causing right-side extremities to take 20 or 27 damage instead of 34.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Players from inviting friends to a party from the Social menu.
  • Fixed an issue causing staged loot on Rebirth Island to despawn.

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Source: Raven Software

Image Credit: Activision

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