Warzone 2 DMZ has another infinite money glitch

Andrew Highton
warzone 2 dmz players running with cash

DMZ mode has been a big success in Warzone 2, but a potentially game-breaking infinite money glitch has been found that allows players to rack up silly amounts of cash.

Warzone 2 represents the next chapter in Call of Duty’s battle royale history and the sequel has gone one step further by including the franchise’s own version of DMZ.

If the DMZ hype has eluded you, the concept was popularized by Escape From Tarkov and focuses on extraction-based gameplay instead of the traditional last-man-standing formula of conventional battle royale.

Fans have responded quite positively to CoD’s take on this genre, but a new crazy glitch DMZ has been found that allows players to infinitely boost their bank account.

In a video on the CoD Warzone subreddit posted by user Rezvord, we can see the player grab cash from a cracked safe, head on over to a nearby Dead Drop spot, drop off the cash, and repeat the process all over again.

They got $13,000 every time they completed the cycle, and by the end of the clip, the player has shifted over $200,000 using the dead drop method.

The OP also makes sure to point out that this is an excellent method of getting your insured weapon back if you lose it as successful drops reduce the cooldown time in the game.

As this is clearly not intended to be how the feature was implemented, it’s very likely that the devs will want to patch this as soon as possible.

One user alluded to this as well by outing their frustrations on the constant “freezes and crashes” as well as “Ultimate Perks not working” recently.

It should be said that Ultimate Perks look to have been fixed, but the user, and many others, are clearly unhappy with the state of the game with other problems such as suppressors being made “useless.”

Image Credit: Activision

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