Warzone 2.0 could make it much harder to report hackers and cheaters

Matt Porter
Warzone players aiming there weapons

Warzone 2.0 is officially on the horizon, but after watching 150 streamers get the chance to play it at CoD Next, fans of the series are worried that catching cheaters will be harder than ever.

For Call of Duty players, there is nothing more frustrating than dying to a cheater in Warzone. While hackers once ran rampant on Verdansk and Caldera, Activision’s kernel-level anti-cheat system RICOCHET has banned almost a million cheats since it launched.

Of course, no anti-cheat system is totally flawless, so Activision also uses player reports to investigate suspicious players.

Unfortunately, after watching Call of Duty Next, players are concerned that a change to the spectator mode could make that almost impossible in Warzone 2.0.

In a post on the official Warzone subreddit, user ‘TheRealThorsArmy’ discussed the game’s new spectate feature, which doesn’t place you into the first-person perspective of the player you’re observing.

While this may sound cool, they explained it does have some major ramifications, writing: “You can no longer spectate them and see in [first] person what their aim is like. Instead, you see a crosshair and [an] over-the-shoulder view.”

“For me, this would [not] promote the reporting of hackers, as you can’t be certain of their aim in this view.”

As TheRealThorsArmy suggests, watching hackers is fairly obvious, as their crosshair locks onto enemies. By removing the first-person view, it will become difficult to accurately tell who is hacking and could lead to either an influx of false reports or a drop in them entirely.

Other Warzone players agreed, begging Infinity Ward to change the system before the battle royale’s November 16 release date.

This isn’t the only criticism lobbied at Warzone 2.0 though, with Dr Disrespect claiming it needs an Apex Legends-style Ranked Mode to survive, while NICKMERCS claimed the game felt “clunky.”

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