Strange Warzone Sniper optic glitch literally makes the game unplayable

Liam Mackay
Bizarre Warzone sniper glitch makes the game unplayable

A strange new Warzone bug with the Bullseye reticle for Cold War weapons is tanking the game’s FPS and causing a myriad of other glitches.

Black Ops Cold War’s integration with Warzone has had teething problems, to say the least. From the overpowered DMR, Sniper scopes having no glint, and attachments not working as intended, there have been a plethora of issues with these weapons.

Raven Software is working hard to address these issues and has been making progress, but a bizarre new glitch is breaking the game.

Reddit user eggybread_ posted a video showing Warzone’s frames per second dropping to around 1 after they equipped the LW3 Tundra in Plunder. Not only that, but their game appears to have completely frozen preventing them from pulling their chute, so they helplessly splatted on the ground. And incredibly, even though this player was downed, they could still fire their weapons.

Users in the comments said they have had the same issue with the M82, but user JayTaeh said they’re “pretty sure it’s the bullseye reticle” that caused the problem.

We tested this ourselves and it is indeed the Bullseye reticle that causes the issues. We dropped into Plunder with two identical LW3 Tundra loadouts, the only difference being the Bullseye reticle on one of them.

Bullseye reticle in Warzone

With the regular optic on the Tundra, the game ran as normal, but as soon as we changed to the Bullseye reticle, the game dropped to around 1 FPS and froze up, the sight didn’t show, and it kicked us back to the loadout menu. We tested this further with other reticle options, but only the Bullseye caused issues.

Some players like the Bullseye reticle for its clean picture in-game, but it is currently unusable in Warzone Season 2. Raven Software haven’t acknowledged the issue on their official Trello board, so until this issue is fixed, you should avoid the Bullseye reticle completely.

If you’re still having FPS issues, you can check out our guide on the best PC settings for Call of Duty: Warzone.

Image Credit: Activision