Latest Stim Glitch CoD: Warzone already fixed by Raven

Nicholas Sakadelis
stim glitch CoD Warzone

The infamous Stim Glitch has made its seemingly monthly return in CoD: Warzone for the sixth time.

However, this time, Raven Software has been quick to address the issue. The studio tweeted on March 16 that the bug has already been fixed in a hot fix update that went live on the night of March 15.

The stim glitch returned after being fixed a few weeks back in Warzone.

In multiple tweets from content creators and upon some research, players started to notice the issue in game.

After many fixes from Raven over the past few months, the glitch this time around was quite ineffective when compared to past iterations.

If a player performs the glitch, they’ll be restricted to just a single weapon and walking, or else the glitch will break, reversing their unlimited stims.

As always, this glitch was technically an unlimited tactical glitch, so expect some players to abuse this for unlimited flash and stun grenades.

This sixth version of the glitch did not appear to become an issue come end-game situations, especially with the new more lethal gas introduced with the Season 2 update.

If a player remains in the gas for longer then 40 seconds, the game will just automatically eliminate the player, completely rendering the appeal of the stim glitch useless.

In order to maintain integrity in Warzone, we will not be detailing how to do this bug. We’ve verified ourselves that the exploit is possible to perform, and we recommend players do not abuse this glitch, as it may result in a game ban.

Image Credits: Activision