Stim glitch is still in Warzone despite being patched

Andrew Highton
ghost with stim shots glitch in cod warzone

After returning for the third time, the unlimited Stim glitch is continuing to haunt Warzone. But despite claims that it has been patched, this doesn’t appear to be the case.

One of Warzone’s most important updates in some time was released recently. The patch was brought in to end the overuse of the DMR and Mac-10. It was also supposed to bring another circulation of the infinite Stim glitch to an end.

The weapons have definitely suffered the effects of the patch, whereas the Stim glitch, despite the dev’s claims, is ironically still alive and kicking.

stim shot in cod warzone

Warzone Stim glitch still remains after patch

The infamous glitch that allows players to infinitely abuse the Stim Shot item returned to Warzone recently, much to the dismay of its players.

By exploiting a couple of basic actions, the bug allowed players to keep using the Stim over and over until the game reaches its conclusion.

This led to many players venturing off into the endgame gas to hide. But instead of succumbing to the lethal effects of the gas, they just kept topping up their health thanks to an endless supply of Stims.

The Warzone Jan 13 update was supposed to bring an end to the third iteration of the game-breaking glitch. But many players are reporting that it hasn’t been patched and is still very much active in Warzone.

ModernWarzone officially reported it. The accompanying comments underneath have also been able to testify to this as well.

These were some of the responses from Warzone players:

@Activision@RavenSoftware need to VAULT the stim.”, “I have NEVER seen someone use the stim for anything other than this glitch. Surely the best outcome is to remove it from Warzone?”

Players are clearly unhappy and you can imagine that another patch/update is already in the works for Warzone. If the Stim glitch continues to remain after further attempts to stop it, then perhaps it may end up getting moved to the vault after all.

Image credits: Activision Blizzard

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