Secret Bomb Drone Killstreak found in Warzone

Liam Mackay

A new Bomb Drone Killstreak has been discovered in Warzone, which is possibly an early indication of things to come when it integrates with Black Ops Cold War.

As Warzone prepares to crossover with Black Ops Cold War on December 16, players have begun noticing new items creep into the game. On November 10, players found a Black Ops RC-XD inside the training mode. Now, a Bomb Drone has been found inside Warzone several times.

It was first spotted when Reddit user hefy123 opened a Red Key Card bunker in a private Plunder match. Out of a Legendary chest came an all-new killstreak, the Bomb Drone. In simple terms, it’s a Recon Drone with C4 already strapped to it.

More players have now begun finding it inside normal Warzone.

How it works

When picked up, it can be activated from the killstreaks list. When used, players fly it around in a similar fashion to the Recon Drone, with ‘C4 armed’ displayed on the screen. It is then detonated with a loud explosion.

A loud beeping noise can be heard while using the Drone, presumably so players have fair warning C4 is flying towards them.

The CoD community has a history of placing explosives on items they’re not meant to. In the very first Black Ops game, players would plant C4 onto the RC-XD for increased explosive damage.

Players have been placing C4 onto Recon Drones in Modern Warfare since it launched last year. If a teammate plants a C4 on your Recon Drone, fly it towards an enemy and give your teammate the green light to detonate the charges. A C4-laden Recon Drone is extremely effective against players in hard to reach places.

As it is difficult to pull off and requires teamwork, the Bomb Drone is a more effective version of that.

This item has not been included in the patch notes, so is either an Easter Egg for the community to find or an accidental early addition. We’re likely to find out at the start of the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone integration on December 16.

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