RUMOR: Warzone set to see ‘significant’ map changes in Season 5

Keshav Bhat

A new rumor from website VGC states that Call of Duty: Warzone is set to see map changes with Season 5, which is set to launch in early August.

VGC states, from sources familiar with game’s development, that the Warzone map will see ‘significant’ changes in the Season 5 update. VGC was the first site to report accurately that Warzone would launch on March 10, when many people speculated a February launch.

Their article states that the stadium in Warzone will open-up and allow players to access inside of it. They also claim that sources state that there will be the addition of a ‘loot filled train’ that goes around the map constantly during a match.

VGC also claims that Activision plans to make updates and additions to Warzone to ‘bring it line’ with the 2020 Call of Duty game, which is set to be a new Black Ops title taking place during the Cold War era.

Since Warzone’s launch in early March, there has not been significant map changes to the map beyond the opening of bunkers. Players were hoping to see some changes with Season 4, but Season 4 only debuted new ‘intel’ missions that took players around the map to unlock and discover secrets about Verdansk.

Rumors from late last week stated that the 2020 Call of Duty game will feature Warzone as part of the game itself and debut a new map that is themed around the title’s settings and features.

Infinity Ward has confirmed independently that Warzone would be a ‘constant’ of Call of Duty going forward, but declined to say how that would happen.

As always, this is just a rumor for now. So stay tuned for any updates.

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