Rumor: Modern Warfare Battle Royale might be called Call of Duty: Warzone

Keshav Bhat

It appears the name for the Battle Royale mode for Modern Warfare might have leaked via a user on Reddit who “claims” to have an inside source.

The user posted an image on r/ModernWarfare of what appears to be the key art for a “Call of Duty: Warzone.”

The key art appears to confirm it’s directly tied to Modern Warfare with the same Ghost operator in Season 2 featured in the art.

This is the reportedly leaked key art:

Infinity Ward appears to be teasing the Battle Royale mode after the newest Season 2 Update. The update added in a “Classified” tab to the main menu, alongside a brand new in-game cinematic that showcases what appears to be the map and mechanics of the Battle Royale.

We are unable to verify the authenticty of the image as of now.

Activision has not acknowledged or confirmed any of these details. We’ll update as we learn more.