How to open Warzone Rebirth Island’s secret Yellow Door: Code & Loot

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Yellow Door in Warzone's Rebirth island

Warzone harbours many secrets, but one of the most lucrative is Rebirth Island’s Yellow Door Easter Egg room. By following this guide, you can find a plethora of high-tier goodies such as Specialist Tokens and a Legendary Milano Blueprint.

Similar to Warzone’s Red Door loot rooms and secret bunkers, Rebirth Island has a mysterious Yellow Door. This door was all the rage back in Warzone Season 1 when Rebirth first arrived, but now it’s fallen to relative obscurity. Many don’t know about this powerful loot room, and if they do, are unsure how to get inside.

If you’re looking to gain a huge advantage in your matches of Rebirth Island and acquire the “Red Room” Blueprint for the Milano 821, here’s how to complete the Easter Egg and open the Yellow Door.

How to open Warzone Rebirth Island’s Yellow Door

Warzone Rebirth Island yellow door
  1. Find an open briefcase with three pictures around Rebirth Island (locations are shown further down)
  2. Visit the locations shown in each picture
  3. Take a note of the numbers found at each of these three locations
  4. Arrange the numbers in order based on the “-” position (explained further down)
  5. Visit the Yellow Door in the Headquarters Command Center
  6. Enter the numbers in the keypad beside the Yellow Door
  7. Go through the Yellow Door and acquire the high-tier loot!

These are the basic steps to opening the Yellow Door and getting the Red Room Milano Blueprint, but read on for how to complete each step.

Rebirth Island Yellow Door location

Warzone Rebirth Island yellow door location

Rebirth Island’s Yellow Door can be found in the Headquarters Command Center. It’s on the first floor, so you’ll be able to find it quickly and easily.

How to find the briefcases to open Rebirth Island’s Yellow Door

You can find 13 briefcases around Rebirth Island, and these are the first clue to getting the Yellow Door open. They do have set spawns, but only one spawns every gam,e so you’ll likely need to search around to find it. Luckily, it’s quite large so you shouldn’t have any trouble spotting it.

YouTuber GeekyPastimes put together the locations for all 13 of these briefcases so you know exactly where you have to look.

GeekyPastimes Rebirth Island briefcase locations

The case will be open and will have three photographs scattered around it. These photos will depict areas around Rebirth Island that you need to visit in order to find the keypad code.

How to find the Yellow Door code

Once you have your three locations from the photographs, you need to visit them and look out for the number codes. There will be two codes with three digits and one code with two digits, for a total of eight digits in total. These numbers are completely random, so you’ll need to complete the steps to find your own unique code.

Again, GeekyPastimes has made this much easier, detailing exactly where you need to go for each photograph, and where to find the code.

Topic begins at 6:34

How to arrange and enter the Yellow Door code

Once you have found all three numbers, you’ll notice that there are hyphens (-) beside each group. These hyphens are the key to arranging the numbers in order.

If the hyphen is on the right of the number (e.g 124-), this is the first in the sequence. The two-digit number with the hyphens on either side (e.g -92-) is the number in the middle, and the hyphen on the left (e.g -192) is the final number of the sequence.

To explain in full:

  1. 124-
  2. -92-
  3. -192
    • Join the numbers together to make 12492192

Head to the Headquarters Command Center, visit the Yellow Door and enter the complete code in the keypad beside it. The door will open, and all of the goodies will be at the bottom of the stairs.

How to get Warzone’s Red Room Milano Blueprint

Warzone Red Room Milano 821 Blueprint

Once you’ve got the Yellow Door open, you just need to head down into the room below. You’ll be able to find the Red Room Milano 821 Blueprint on the table to the left of the room.

Simply pick it up, and the Blueprint will now be in your inventory for both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. And if you’re with a squad, make sure everyone picks it up to unlock it.

What’s behind Rebirth Island’s Yellow Door revealed in viral TikTok

The Yellow Door Easter Egg recently came to light again after BigBrinGG revealed all of the exciting loot in a viral TikTok.

Here’s everything you can find behind the Yellow Door:

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Image Credit: Activision / GeekyPastimes

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