Raven Software respond to bug breaking Warzone’s Ghost Perk

Liam Mackay
Ghost Operator in CoD Warzone

There have been several reports that Warzone’s Ghost Perk hasn’t been working properly in both Private and Public Matches, and Raven Software has now officially responded to the issue.

Since launch, there have been a ton of reports that the Ghost Perk is broken, failing to hide players from UAVs and Heartbeat Sensors. The developers previously said that it was only a Heartbeat Sensor glitch in the killcam, and Ghost was indeed working properly.

However, there was evidence all the way back in Warzone Season 4 that Ghost was completely bugged. Now in Season 6, the devs have finally acknowledged and responded to the issue.

Ghost Perk in Call of Duty Warzone

Although players had long had their suspicions, a viral TikTok from Warzone streamer Jessie Cooks appeared to prove that Ghost was broken in Private Matches.

Although getting her loadout with Ghost, she was immediately hunted down by fellow competitors HusKerrs, JoeWo, and Mutex. From their POV, it was as if she never equipped Ghost at all.

This was all the way back in Season 4, and content creators and players have continued to stress the issue all the way into Season 6.

However, in the late hours of October 21, Raven Software tweeted that “An issue has been identified with the Ghost Perk not functioning correctly in Private Matches. We have a fix in the works!” After waves of players informed them that the issue is also in public games, they clarified, “And Public Matches!”

So, Raven Software is now fully aware of the issue and has updated the Trello card to say that there’s a “Fix Scheduled.”

There’s no confirmation on when the fix will arrive, but Raven will likely want to get this fix out ASAP. Stay tuned to Charlie INTEL, as we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the issue.

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