Overpowered Warzone exploit completely ruins Sub Pen POI

Nathan Warby
Warzone Sub Pens

Warzone players have discovered an overpowered exploit on Caldera, where players are able to avoid detection by hiding inside walls at the Sub Pen POI and easily score cheap kills.

Warzone is no stranger to bugs and glitches, and Season 2 Reloaded has certainly come with its fair share. While some issues have no benefit to anybody, like the strange disappearing reticles that have been plaguing Snipers, others can be exploited to make matches unfair.

Despite the March 30 and April 6 updates both bringing plenty of bug fixes, players have discovered a new glitch that is being used to kill them while remaining totally hidden.

Warzone players fighting in a squad

Reddit user ‘didonato’ uploaded a clip of the exploit in action, showing just how overpowered it can be. The player and his partner had made their way onto the roof of Sub Pen, when his teammate was suddenly knocked out of nowhere.

He quickly scrambled to find the enemy, even checking the Heartbeat Sensor to see if the coast is clear. This revealed two heartbeats nearby, but there were no other players visible on the rooftop.

After he decided to go in for the revive, he was quickly picked off himself. The kill cam then revealed that the opposing team was camping in a spot inside the walls of Sub Pen, where they could see through the roof and land shots on the unsuspecting players.

It’s no surprise that the fallen duo wasted no time in backing out to the lobby. Check out the full clip from ‘didonato’ below:

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to tell from the video how the opposing team got themselves into the walls of the POI, but it appears that it is much more than a one-off.

Other players responded to the Reddit post saying they had run into this gitch as well and criticized Raven for allowing these types of problems to slip through the net. “I kept getting wrecked there last night, and I couldn’t figure out how or why because it never made any sense,” said one player.

“Yep, this has been an issue for weeks now,” replied another user. “I stopped playing Caldera altogether because the map sucks, and it’s just a broken mess. Rebirth is the go-to these days.”

Now that the issue has been raised on the official Warzone Reddit, hopefully, Raven will become aware of the exploit and roll out a fix very soon. In the meantime, tread extra carefully if you find yourself at Sub Pen during a game.

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Image credits: Raven Software

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