Overpowered Snake Shots return in Warzone Pacific Caldera

Joseph Pascoulis
Top Break snake shots warzone pacific

Players are reporting that the Snake Shots are back in Warzone Pacific as they find Vanguard’s Top Break pistol performs similarly.

Warzone Pacific Season 1 is finally here and players are getting acquainted with the new map, weapons, and modes.

As various content creators were able to get their hands on the update early, some realized very quickly that the infamous Snake Shots have returned, but this time through a Vanguard handgun.

Top break handgun vanguard

The Snake Shots were an attachment for the .357 Magnum from Modern Warfare that turned the weapon’s bullets into hard-hitting shotgun shells. Coupled with Akimbo, they began dominating the close-range meta on Verdansk a few seasons back.

These were nerfed by the developers and eventually knocked out of the meta, until now.

Various Call of Duty content creators and players who were able to play early gave the Top Break pistols a go in Warzone Pacific Caldera. A lot of them are even calling the Akimbo Top Break pistols the “Snake Shots.”

One player who quickly found out how strong the Top Break Akimbo pistols can be in Warzone Pacific is Speros_OG. They put up a clip on Twitter of them using the Akimbo Top Break and absolutely destroying enemies with it.

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The key component that makes these similar to the .357 Magnum Snake Shot loadout is the M15 Shot Shell Ammo Type attachment. This effectively turns the Top Break into a mini shotgun and combined with Akimbo, enemies will be dropping like flies from close range as the clips show.

Another player who also found out how strong these Top Break pistols can be is FaZe Santana. Their “first squad wipe on Warzone Pacific” was with the Akimbo Top Break pistols.

In their post, they claimed that “SNAKE SHOTS ARE BACCCCKKKKK.”


Many players probably haven’t got their Top Break pistols leveled up to the point where they can use Akimbo and Shot Shell, but if they dominate Warzone Pacific Caldera, we can expect to see a lot of players running around with the new version of the Snake Shots.

Once Warzone Pacific Caldera drops for everyone on December 9, we’ll get more of an idea of how strong these weapons will be and if they need to be nerfed.

For now, check out why players are mad about the new update.

Image Credits; Raven Software / Activision / Sledgehammer Games

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