Overpowered “Dragons Breath” R9-0 Shotgun Warzone Loadout

Nicholas Sakadelis

This Dragons Breath R9-0 shotgun is insane in Warzone, often leading to 1-2 shot kills at close ranges.

Warzone is no stranger to overpowered weapons, leading to massive nerfs in past updates for weapons like the JAK-12, Grau & Snakeshots.

Most recent to the team of considerably overpowered weapons is the R9-0 shotgun, which holds 14 rounds at once, and can be fired in sequences of two fast shots before each pump. In most close range situations, 2 shots will be plenty to take out a single foe, and with the fast rate of fire you’ll be able to down a whole squad in mere seconds.

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The Loadout

  • Choke (Muzzle) – Tighter spread means more pellets hitting players. More pellets mean more damage, on top of more consistent damage at range.
  • Forge Tac Sentry (Barrel) – Provides more effective damage range and adds even further to tightening up the pellet spread. A great choice, as maximum range is key in Warzone.
  • Dragons Breath Rounds (Ammunition) – The cornerstone of this loadout. Does aggressive burn damage to players without EOD, making it a very effective weapon early game to spray even at medium ranges. In some cases, if you lose a gunfight, the burn damage might be just enough to trade kills/downs…
  • Stippled Grip Tape (Rear grip) – Faster ADS speeds, good when engaging a target that is slightly out of optimal shotgun range.
  • 5mW Laser – Faster ADS speed from a sprint and more accuracy from the hip makes this already heavy shotgun much more mobile and versatile in gunfights.

The R9-0 is pure insanity and offers plenty of firepower and is a reliable secondary when pushing buildings and in close quarters combat. Often you’ll be able to 1-2 shot enemies, as shown in the below video.

Overall, the R9-0 offers plenty of legroom to spam shots at targets and applies a nice amount of burn damage as a bonus. It’s especially deadly vs opponents without EOD, and you can easily net a ton of kills the early game and finish gunfights with relative ease. Against an SMG at short ranges, there is no competition – the R9-0 is king.

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