NICKMERCS explains why Warzone’s Bullfrog is overrated

NICKMERCS bullfrog

Although the Bullfrog is the fastest killing SMG in Warzone, streamer Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff explains why it doesn’t match the MAC-10.

The Bullfrog is essentially the Cold War variant of Modern Warfare’s PP19 Bizon but outperforms it in almost every way. Warzone content creators have been singing its praises so NICKMERCS gave it a try, but disagrees with claims it’s Warzone’s “best SMG.”

The Bullfrog is getting so much love recently because of its raw stats. By looking at the data, the Bullfrog is the fastest killing SMG in all of Warzone. However, as content creator IceManIsaac explains, the fast TTK is reliant on headshots.

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Warzone bullfrog

NICKMERCS pours dozens of hours into Warzone every week, so he has a very strong understanding of how weapons feel and perform, and he found the Bullfrog to be overrated.

“Best SMG? It has a lot of bullets in that magazine which can deal with a lot of problems, but it doesn’t have that power.”

The MAC-10 and Cold War MP5 can tear armor off players no matter where you’re hitting them, but the Bullfrog’s TTK is much lower when hitting body shots. Unless you have laser-like aim and can consistently hit headshots, you’re much better running the MAC-10.

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This shows that raw data isn’t everything for weapons in Warzone and there are several factors that go into it. NICKMERCS explained recently that although the AS VAL is the fastest killing weapon in all of Warzone, the small magazine renders it almost useless in squad matches.

Although it’s unlikely that the Bullfrog will enter the meta in Warzone’s current state, NICKMERCS admits that “if you’re looking to switch it up and get away from that MAC-10 and have a bit of fun, it could definitely be for you.”

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Image Credit: NICKMERCS / Activision