New Warzone seasons to bring “never done before” Call of Duty content

Keshav Bhat
Warzone Season 2

Activision Blizzard Esports’ Chief Revenue Officer spoke in an interview recently about some of the future plans for Call of Duty: Warzone and its integration into esports.

In an interview with Inverse, Brandon Snow says that upcoming Warzone seasons will feature ‘cool new stuff’ that Warzone has ‘never done before.’

Activision continues to echo their comment on how they see Warzone’s place in the Call of Duty franchise. The company believes Warzone is the place to engage the larger, broader audience that can bring players together. It provides a common Call of Duty space for everyone being free to play.

We certainly see Warzone as a very large ecosystem that can continue to engage players and provide places and spaces for people to gather.”

What’s coming to Warzone next remains to be announced, but Snow has dropped a teaser as to what fans can expect. He says that upcoming seasons will feature ‘cool new stuff’ that will be done in a ‘Call of Duty way.’

“In the upcoming seasons, you’re going to see some really cool new stuff that Warzone has never done before. It’ll be really exciting and done in a Call of Duty way“, said Snow.

Snow only elaborated a little on what to expect.

In the interview, Snow says that Cold War’s 1980s theme ‘offers tons of opportunities’ for new content. Right now, the only aspects of Cold War’s theme that is in Warzone is Operators and weapons. The overall theme of the decade has not made its way into the Warzone world yet.

Only Warzone could do things that we have planned in upcoming seasons. Call of Duty: Cold War’s identity and ‘80s theme offer tons of opportunities for innovative content.

Snow also mentioned that Activision does not fully view Fortnite as competitor. Snow said, “We don’t look at Fortnite as a competitor. We’re really focused on making Warzone be the best it can be. Only Warzone could do the zombies the way we do them.”

For esports, Snow stated that they will have more to share about how they see Call of Duty: Warzone integrating into their programs in the weeks ahead. Activision Blizzard’s Johanna Faries has been teasing Warzone’s integration into the Call of Duty esports ecosystem since the start of the year.

If we were to check back with each other in about four to five weeks, we might be able to speak a little bit more specifically. We certainly see an opportunity for Warzone to play a part of our esports product around the Call of Duty franchise. We plan to bring that to the table pretty soon.

What the future holds for Call of Duty: Warzone in Year 2 is yet to be announced by Activision. The latest Season, Season 2, kicked off at the end of February. And, we’re racing towards some sort of event with new teasers from Activision about Zombies invading Verdansk.

The next Season of Warzone is set for April 22, per the Battle Pass timer in game.

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