New Warzone 2 feature reveals shocking amount of hackers & cheaters in BR

warzone 2 farah operator

Warzone 2 Season 2 introduced leaderboards to the battle royale, and players are using it to spot how many cheaters and hackers are active in the game.

Warzone 2 Season 2 introduced leaderboards to the game, a feature that players had wanted in the battle royale since launch. While this feature is no doubt handy for checking stats, players have had issues with it, wanting the BR and Resurgence leaderboards to be separate.

Now, players are using the leaderboards in Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded to spot just how many cheaters and hackers are running rampant in the game.

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Reddit user epicdai put a post up that said “since now we have a BR leaderboard, we can clearly see how rampant some cheaters have been,” along with an image of the highest-ranking players on the Warzone 2 leaderboard for critical damage.

The top players on this leaderboard have some crazy stats, including a 71.19% headshot percentage, over 13,000 damage per game, and even 17 headshots per game, which users in the comments feel are unbelievable stats.

One even claims to have run into one of the players on the leaderboard, as they said: “F**k I got killed by that OTF dude a bunch yesterday…. soft aim 100%….. makes sense now.”

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They then go on to sarcastically mock RICOCHET, as they wrote “good old ricos**t running flawlessly.”

Players express a lot of frustrations with the RICOCHET anti-cheat system in Warzone 2, but one user seems to think the leaderboards will “actually help catch cheaters. All they gotta do is check the boards and see which accounts look wonky.”

Even if the feature helps, the community clearly feels that cheaters and hackers are rampant in Warzone 2, and the leaderboard only proves that, as one player said “you don’t even need any anti-cheat system, you just need to do a little math to spot who is cheater there.”

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Image Credits: Activision