JGOD “nervous” about Warzone 2 after testing new engine

Joseph Pascoulis
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JGOD was invited by Activision to play Modern Warfare 2, getting to experience the new engine early. While the Warzone stats expert was impressed, they did have concerns about how Warzone 2 will turn out.

Players are finally getting a glimpse at gameplay and details for Modern Warfare 2, including the return of Special Ops and vehicle overhaul. As we get more information on Modern Warfare 2, we also get a better understanding of Warzone 2.0, which will run on the same engine.

Warzone stats expert JGOD was lucky enough to play MW2 and the new engine early, which caused some concerns about Warzone 2.

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In JGOD‘s June 9 video, they discussed the experience with Modern Warfare 2, including how swimming will work, how the Gunsmith has changed, the new advanced AI system, and also what this all means for Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 will share the same engine and be closely related to Modern Warfare 2. This means that the gameplay and new feature will likely all be included in the brand-new Warzone experience.

Despite the excitement for a new Warzone map and experience, JGOD is worried about how all these engine changes in Modern Warfare 2 will impact Warzone 2, making him “nervous.”

JGOD’s main concerns are with the emphasis on realism: “They’re going for a lot of realistic things, sometimes, like I said, to a fault.”

This is mostly because of the new changes to the engine such as swimming, which JGOD has concerns about when it comes to final zones in Warzone 2. When swimming, JGOD explains that you are only able to use melee and your secondary.

This means that “there’s a risk-reward associated with water because if you happen to have someone jump in, you’re running Overkill, you’re running two Primary weapons, you’re not going to be able to fire your weapon, so you’re at a huge disadvantage.”

There will likely be a few bodies of water on the Warzone 2 map to support this new engine feature, so players will have to be aware of their loadout when it comes to final zones.

JGOD also has concerns about the new Gunsmith features, which focus on “advanced tuning.” They aren’t the only one with worries either, as FaZe Jev also shared similar concerns.

Image Credits: Activision