JackFrags explains how to get “maximum aim assist” in Warzone

Liam Mackay
Warzone controller player using movement technique

YouTuber Jack “JackFrags” Mason has explained the trick to get “maximum aim assist” with a controller in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4.

JackFrags has long been a mouse and keyboard player but recently tried out a controller and found great success. He said that even though he’s still new to aiming with a controller, he won eight games of Verdansk mini-royale in a row.

Even though he’s not well-practiced with a controller, JackFrags quickly realized how to get the “maximum aim assist” in Warzone Season 4.

Here’s what he discovered, and how you can maximize your controller aim in Call of Duty.

Warzone xbox and ps5 controller

After JackFrags applied the best controller settings, he discovered that aim assist is movement-based, so while strafing, your crosshair and camera will actually lock on to the enemy, rotating to keep you facing them.

Standing still, your aim won’t ‘magnetize’ to the enemy, but as soon as you move, it will soft-lock onto them. While moving, both your crosshair and camera will follow the enemy, tracking both vertical and horizontal movement.

So if you’re looking for the maximum aim assist possible, you should make sure that you’re moving while fighting. Standing still will both make you an easier target and have less aim assist, so your gameplay will massively improve if you can get your movement perfected.

The majority of Warzone pros play with controllers on PC, and because they’re top-tier, they’re constantly using movement to their advantage. This is likely one of the many subtle tricks the world’s best deploy to get the edge on their opponents, and now you can use it too.

JackFrags has already discussed the major advantages that PC players have over their console counterparts. These include high frame rates, customizable graphics settings, high FOV, and NVIDIA filters. With Warzone featuring forced crossplay, this becomes an issue.

Jack explained that Warzone tends to match inputs, so controller players will be matched with other controller players. When a PC player is using a controller, they mostly play with console players, who don’t have all of these advantages.

JackFrags believes PC players have an unfair advantage over console players, but with this aim assist trick, you’ll be able to shoot like the pros.

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