Invisible Warzone buildings are destroying helicopters on Verdansk ’84

Andrew Highton
cod warzone season 3 helicopter

Warzone’s map has gotten a whole lot more dangerous thanks to the discovery of seemingly invisible buildings and objects in Verdansk ’84 that can one-hit helicopters in Warzone Season 3.

Verdansk ’84 may be free of Zombies and nukes, but they’ve been replaced by an even bigger threat – invisibility. Verdansk ’84 has set out to offer players a different experience than they’ve since the game’s launch in March 2020.

As well as new points of interest, lighting, and seasonal changes, Verdansk ’84 is also guilty of introducing new bugs and glitches to the battle royale that are affecting its enjoyment. As well as invisible walls that are allowing players to get under the map, Verdansk also has invisible objects in mid-air that can kill instantly.

cod warzone verdansk map

0Giant0 posted the footage to the Warzone subreddit and it demonstrates that Verdansk ’84 still seems very much a work in progress.

During a game of Warzone, the player was zooming through the sky in a helicopter in Plunder when absolute disaster struck.

A few seconds into the clip, the helicopter suddenly collided with thin air, and the impact is fatal as it caused the vehicle to explode instantly. The player then fell out of the sky and died on landing.

We’ve rewatched the clip multiple times and cannot see any evidence of an object, bird, or plane in the way. The only logical conclusion is that there is indeed something invisible obstructing the helicopter’s path.

Worryingly, given the size of Verdansk ’84, this may not be the only part of the map with an invisible building or hitbox loose in the skies.

This isn’t the first time that there has been a major issue with helicopters in Warzone either. But whether it’s in Plunder or normal Warzone, just be a bit cautious about using a helicopter, especially around the area in the video.

Image credits: Activision