Insane Warzone trick is perfect way to counter enemies using stim glitch

A genius Warzone player has discovered a unique way to counter enemies using the frustrating Stim glitch, thanks to some clever thinking with a Munitions Box.

One of Warzone Season 1’s biggest controversies has been the return of the dreaded Stim glitch. An endlessly repeatable exploit, it allows players to keep replenishing their stock of Stims while inside the gas, leading to players become almost immortal while taking cheap victories.

For those who don’t want to cheat and are sick of losing games to enemies using a glitch, a clever player has discovered a proper method of using the Stimshot that can be just as useful.

munitions box in cod warzone

The crazy method was discovered during a livestream by OPMarked, who chanced on this method while playing with his squad of teammates, who were equally as stunned by the whole situation.

The video, which can be found on the Warzone subreddit, features Warzone streamer OPMarked as he battled with the lethality of the gas. The video showed him running around in the deadly gas as he darted from one munitions box to another.

He keeps picking up fresh Stims and does so until “Warzone Victory” flashes up on the screen. OPMarked received adulation from his teammates and they celebrated their CoD victory.

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The method is 100% legit as he and the team were able to accumulate over $100K worth of Munitions Boxes, and the Hardline perk.

However, the effort required to build up that much money is substantial and is almost assuredly too tough to repeat often.

According to a comment from a Reddit user who appeared to watch the stream, OPMarked and his squad “did 12 contracts, including three Most Wanteds”.

But the flip side is that whilst it is impressive to earn this much money, it’s also not in the spirit of Warzone. Unsurprisingly, many aren’t particularly happy with the emergence of this trick, with some claiming it’s “just as bad” as the original glitch, with others claiming they should be banned.

The method isn’t cheating though, so unless Raven Software can find a way to counter this idea, the only option left may be removing the Stimshot permanently so things like this can no longer happen.

Image credits: Activision Blizzard

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