How to see which Warzone streamers you’ve played against

Aydan, TeeP and Swagg in Warzone Pacific

Ever wondered which top Warzone streamers you’ve played against in Season 2 and before? Here’s how to check which streamers and pro players you’ve played against in Verdansk, Rebirth Island, and Caldera, as well as who came out on top.

The beauty of battle royale games is you never know who you’re going to come up against. Call of Duty: Warzone features a whopping 150 players for you to duke it out with, so it’s very likely that you’ve come up against some of the top streamers or pro players during your time playing.

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Thanks to the website WZRanked, you can see an extremely detailed breakdown of your Warzone stats for Warzone Pacific Season 2 and everything before. You can see the most popular weapons, check everything from your best teammate to your Gulag win ratio, and also see which streamers and pro players you’ve come up against.

Here’s how to see which Warzone streamers you’ve played against, and who came out on top.

WZRanked streamer comparison tool

How to see which Warzone streamers you’ve played against

If you ever wonder how you’d fare against streamers such as Swagg or Aydan, WZRanked allows you to track not only the streamer you played against but also how you fared against them.

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Here’s how to see which Warzone streamers you’ve played against:

  1. Head to
  2. Enter your, PlayStation, or Xbox user ID to begin tracking
  3. Select ‘streamers’ from the bar at the top
  4. Select ‘All Seasons’ from the drop-down list
  5. See what streamers you’ve faced off against!

This is especially useful as some players will change their Activision ID to match streamers’ names to pretend to be them, so you can’t always be sure if they’re the real deal. Also, content creators have long complained that there is no proper Streamer Mode, so have resorted to changing their names to hide from stream snipers.

How to compare your Warzone stats with streamers’

warzone ranked streamer stats comparison

By hitting the ‘compare’ feature on WZRanked, you can also see a detailed comparison between yourself and the Warzone streamer of your choosing. You can see who got the most kills, placed highest, and dealt the most damage.

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WZ Ranked clarified that the streamer will only appear if they are listed on their leaderboard. They will continue to update the leaderboard with streamers big and small, so it’s worth checking in the future if you believe you played against a top player.

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Image Credit: Activision / Swagg / Aydan / TeeP / WZRanked