How to download and use the Overwolf Warzone tracker

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Overwolf Warzone Tracker

Although it was previously banned by Activision, it seems the players are again allowed to use the Overwolf Warzone tracker, so let’s get into how u can use it.

Warzone players have been calling for the developers to provide a more complete stat tracker into the game for some time now, with alternative websites offering the service.

Players are forced to use third-party websites like Overwolf tracker, but since it was banned, there hasn’t been a great alternative. Luckily, the service provided by Overwolf was finally approved by Activision, putting the website back in business.

Warzone overwolf tracker

With Warzone Season 5 dropping August 12, some players may want to know how much they have improved season after season. A new season offers a fresh start for player stats, and the Overwolf Warzone tracker is a great way to help you keep tabs on your improvement.

Overwolf Warzone tracker

Unfortunately for those on console, the Overwolf Warzone tracker is only available on PC. For those wondering what the Overwolf Warzone tracker actually does, let’s get into the specifics.

Live Match Analysis

See how your squad stacks up against the competition in real-time with Live Match analysis and the Roster overlay.

Compare your stats against the rest of the players in the lobby and use statistics to determine your biggest threats while you play.

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In-Game Overlay

Never miss a moment with the Warzone Tracker overlay. Using a simple keybind, you can toggle the app while in-game, allowing you to check the stats of your friends and enemies at any time without leaving the game window.

Weapons and match history

The Overwolf Warzone tracker also allows players to see in-depth stats on the weapons they use, including your accuracy and amount of kills you’ve gotten with a particular gun.

Knowing how well you’ve performed in previous matches is also a feature available with the Warzone tracker, allowing you to track your performance daily and weekly with a short summary.

How to Download the Overwolf Warzone tracker

The Overwolf Warzone tracker is a free app that is available for PC players only. The app is very easy to download and install to your PC using the download link on the Overwolf website.

There are three simple steps to download the Warzone tracker:

  1. Hit the download button to start the secure and free download.
  2. Then, you will need to activate a short intelation in order to activate the tracker on your PC.
  3. Finally, play a match of Warzone and the tracker will automatically launch and detect your in-game account while you play.

Well, there you have it, that’s how you can download and use the Overwolf Warzone tracker just in time for Season 5.

For more on Warzone, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our article on the Operators coming in Season 5.

Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software / Overwolf

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