God Mode glitch making hackers invincible in CoD: Warzone

Andrew Highton
cod jackal in heaven

A worrying new God Mode glitch is the latest issue to hit Call of Duty: Warzone with players running around Verdansk taking no damage from bullets – as they are invincible.

Games of Warzone are becoming hard enough for the community with the threat of invisible players, and console players were nearly subjected to a destructive new hack. Cheating and hacking have been a constant in Warzone for some time, and this latest problem could be a big one.

Footage has emerged of players being able to absorb enough damage to kill several enemies, yet not take a single hit point of damage. This type of cheat is a common one known as “God Mode,” and it could make games of Warzone unwinnable for everyone else.

cod warzone season 4 operators in combat

God Mode cheats have been in games for years and allow players to experience a game freely without the imminent threat of death or a game over screen.

It’s supposed to be a casual cheat for players to enjoy solo, instead, Warzone hackers are using it to make themselves invulnerable to any damage in a Call of Duty match against nearly 150 other players.

Reddit user Aldosarii collected a sample of different examples of the glitch being enforced by an enemy player in a game of Plunder.

Our player kept respawning and landing in the same area over and over to try and see if they could inflict damage upon the hacker, but to no avail.

The implications of a universal God Mode hack in Call of Duty: Warzone could be quite serious for Season 4 as not only does it mean that players not using the cheat can’t win, but if multiple people use the cheat, then games will never end.

Given the severity of the cheat, it’s easy to imagine that this will become a priority for Raven Software to fix ASAP.

Also, check out the latest Warzone anti-cheat update.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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