Game-breaking Warzone thumb glitch is making it impossible to aim

Nathan Warby
Warzone playing aiming gun

Warzone players are reporting yet another bizarre glitch in Season 2 where their character’s thumb is blocking the screen to make aiming an impossible task.

The development team behind Warzone works around the clock to try and stamp out any major glitches that are disrupting the battle royale experience.

Raven have confirmed they are working on a solution for the parachuting bug discovered by players, and even more fixes are expected in the Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update.

But, sadly, new glitches are popping up all the time, and they’re only getting weirder and more game-breaking. The latest sees players’ thumbs completely obscure the screen to make aiming down the sights completely impossible.

Warzone character aiming Assault Rifle with fighting behind them.

The issue was discovered by Reddit user tmc416, and the player uploaded a clip showing how disruptive it is during a match of Warzone. Everything seemed relatively normal while the player was simply running with their gun, and there was no sign that the game is glitching.

However, once they went to aim through a window, the in-game Operator’s thumb quickly covered the sight and consumed the screen. At this point, there was no way for the player to fire shots with any kind of accuracy.

The player tried to aim multiple times, but on each occasion was met by a thumb obscuring the scope. It’s not hard to see how this odd glitch could cause havoc, prompting the poster to ask: “How do you make it go away?”

There appears to be some debate as to what the actual cause of the thumb glitch is. Some players have reported that it only affects the Adler Operator, and can be solved by switching to a different character.

Others believe it is caused by equipping a certain combination of Attachments to a weapon, and can only be avoided by revamping your loadout or switching guns altogether.

There were also a few cases of players claiming that this glitch is occurring when using ground loot, and is allegedly impacting all Vanguard weapons.

No matter the cause, there’s no doubt that Warzone is currently unplayable for anyone who is experiencing this bug. Hopefully, Raven are quick to push out a fix in the coming days.

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Image credits: Activision

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