Game-breaking Warzone exploit allows players under Verdansk ’84’s Stadium

Liam Mackay
Warzone Season 3 Stadium

Warzone Season 3’s new Verdansk ’84 map is a refreshing change of scenery, however, players have discovered a way to glitch underneath Stadium and score easy eliminations.

After Verdansk was nuked at the end of Warzone Season 2, the battle royale traveled back in time to the 1980s for Season 3. Many favorite locations have undergone drastic changes, such as Dam being replaced by Summit, Standoff appearing in Farm, and the Stadium now being under construction.

However, this new map has had teething problems. Pilots have seemingly flown into invisible buildings, and players have glitched their way under Airport. It’s not only Airport though, as players are now getting their way under Stadium and taking out unsuspecting players.

Warzone Verdansk 84 Stadium

Stadium has seen significant change since Warzone’s release. It was originally closed off, but then it opened its doors for Modern Warfare Season 5. Cut to the end of Cold War Season 2, and the landmark was hit by the nuclear bomb sent to take out the Zombie threat.

Now the game has traveled back to 1984, Stadium hasn’t been built yet. It’s still under construction, and while Verdansk’s fictional builders have more work to do, it appears there may be some incomplete code, too, as players have found their way underneath the Stadium.

Not only can players get underneath the map, but they can also easily shoot players above ground. The Warzone subreddit has been filled with complaints about this bug, and Reddit user xXMylord demonstrated how frustrating this exploit can be.

Our Redditor is in Stadium, getting ready to move into the final zone. All of a sudden, they get shot to pieces from seemingly nowhere. In the killcam, we can see that a player has managed to glitch their way under Stadium for free kills.

We recommend avoiding the Stadium area until this issue is addressed and fixed. As the map is still brand new, there is likely plenty of areas that won’t be working as intended.

It’s always worth sharing exploits and glitch spots such as these as it will get Raven Software’s attention, and then the issue will likely be patched in a future update.

Image Credit: Activision

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