Frustrating Warzone loadout drop glitch freezes players in place again

Liam Mackay

At the beginning of Warzone Season 1, players were frustrated by a loadout drop glitch freezing them in place. Now, it appears it has returned and players aren’t happy.

While the overpowered DMR dominated Call of Duty news headlines before it was nerfed, the loadout drop glitch has been ticking away in the background, freezing players in place until they are killed. Now that weapons are in a good place, game-breaking bugs and glitches are becoming more noticeable.

Raven Software released a speculative fix for the issue in December, but more and more players are taking to social media to report the issue returning. We’re unsure if it ever went away, but it’s becoming more common again.

Loadout drops freeze Warzone players again

The glitch makes it so that after opening a loadout drop to receive your custom weapons, you’ll become stuck in place for a few seconds; sometimes even longer. While it’s almost always necessary to get a loadout drop to win a game of Warzone, there’s a certain risk involved.

Buying a loadout drop can be heard by players nearby, and your location will be marked by the red smoke grenade and the crate dropping out of the sky. And your free one often lands in the same location as nearby enemies, so they’re often contested.

Warzone loadout drops

Opening the loadout should be a risky but quick process, but with this glitch, there’s a high chance that it’s a death sentence.

Reddit user bw112791 shared the loadout glitch getting them killed on January 20, but their post is one of many. You can see exactly what happens in the Reddit post below.

On Activision’s official Trello board, they have listed “Loadout drop: Player is frozen temporarily or until death when looting” as “under investigation.”

While perhaps being a little slow for weapon balancing patches, Warzone devs are usually quick to hotfix game-breaking glitches, like when the helicopter was turning players invisible.

As soon as a fix is released for this frustrating bug, we’ll be sure to update this article.

Image Credits: Activision