Frustrating Warzone contract glitch is crashing the game

Andrew Highton

Despite being two days away from its integration into Black Ops Cold War, Warzone is on the receiving end of another troublesome glitch. It’s not only causing worryingly high lag spikes, but it will boot the player out of the server altogether.

It’s fair to say that Infinity Ward’s Warzone has seen its fair share of major glitches since its launch. From a game-breaking wall glitch to an exploit that gives players unlimited juggernauts.

It seems that a new problem becomes apparent each and every week. Well, this week is no different as a brand new glitch has been discovered that can actually break your game and kick you from the server.

landing in warzone

New Contract Warzone bug

Contracts are supposed to add an extra layer of depth and strategy to Warzone as they can increase the money you have, which increases your chances of better equipment and even getting your own loadout.

One example of the glitch in action comes courtesy of Reddit user – Jeremy625. One of the newest additions to the Warzone map, in Season 5, is a train. Another newer feature of Warzone is King Slayer Trios, this is where the glitch seems to occur.

train in warzone

The worrying thing about this glitch is that it’s not even Jeremy625 that triggers the bug – his teammate does.

In the video, you can quite clearly see that the train in the street, with the exposed carriage, contains one of Jeremy625’s partners. Once the contract has been collected, his avatar starts spiraling out of control almost instantly.

After nearly 15 seconds of being bounced around the map, the screens flicks to black, an error message eventually pops, and they are back at the main menu screen.

Here is the full video for an example of how you can go about avoiding this contract glitch.

At the moment, it does seem like picking up that contract is basically off-limits until a fix can be found. It might be advisable to play a different mode that isn’t King Slayer Trios too in case there are more bugs.

Until the information becomes a bit more widespread, teams are likely to suffer – especially ones that aren’t on the headset and communicating with each other – as it only takes one squad member to cause the crash.

Image credits: Infinity Ward, Jeremy625