Forgotten Warzone Assault Rifle now has faster TTK than meta STG44

warzone pacific nz-41

A Warzone Assault Rifle that has been out of the meta has now got a faster TTK than the STG44.

On June 2, Warzone received a new patch that brought changes to Throwing Knives, the Restock Perk, and the STG44. Since the STG44 has been dominating, the devs decided to nerf the weapon while buffing a forgotten Vanguard Assault Rifle.

The NZ-41 has been out of the meta for Season 3, but since these changes, a Warzone expert believes it is now a “top choice.”

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NZ-41 in Call of Duty Vanguard

The STG44 has been the number one pick for players in Warzone Pacific Season 3, with few weapons rivaling its power apart from the BAR. Now, Warzone stats expert Anthony ‘TrueGameData‘ Zachman believes the NZ-41 could also be meta after the June 2 patch.

Ultimately, the STG44 took a nerf to its Max Damage Range, while the NZ-41 received buffs to its minimum damage range and recoil:

  • Min Damage increased to 34, up from 32
  • Recoil deviation decreased
  • Recoil intensity decreased

Prior to the June 2 patch, the NZ-41’s recoil was holding the weapon back from being a viable choice, but as TrueGameData highlights in his recent video, this is no longer the case.

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The NZ-41 actually now has a slightly better TTK than the STG44 in Warzone Pacific Season 3, especially when using the 6.5mm Sakura 50 Round Mags, which had its Damage Penalty removed in the June 2 patch.

TrueGameData explains that the NZ-41 buffs actually improved the weapon’s shot-to-kill number, now taking “one headshot or one neck shot. You basically have a big headshot multiplier there because if you hit those chest, stomach [shots], and then one neck or one head, you’re gonna get a better time to kill.”

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The NZ-41’s recoil is still not as easy to control as the STG44 or BAR, but as it has a slightly better TTK than both, TrueGameData believes it now has a spot in the meta.

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Image Credits: Activision