FaZe Jev slams unfair Warzone Skynet camo that players “could not grind for”

Liam Mackay
Call of Duty YouTuber FaZe Jev

Warzone’s Skynet camo is one of Call of Duty’s toughest-ever grinds, where players need 20 wins in Titanium Trials. However, YouTuber FaZe Jev has slammed the camo grind, saying it’s unfair how players “literally could not grind for it.”

Every year, there’s a massive camo grind to complete in Call of Duty, where players unlock every camo for every weapon to proudly display the ultimate Mastery Camo such as Damascus or Dark Matter.

FaZe Jev is known for going above and beyond with these camo grinds every year, but was brutally honest in how unimpressed he is with Warzone’s Skynet camo, explaining that it’s unfair that it’s something a portion of the player base simply couldn’t grind for.

Titanium Trials arrived with Warzone’s Terminator crossover, bringing challenges for the most-skilled players such as winning 20 games to unlock the Skynet camo. However, Jev doesn’t feel skill is a major factor in unlocking it, as the grind is only possible for players with a full squad.

Titanium Trials was Quads only, but a Duos version is set to arrive halfway through the event with the August 18 playlist update. Jev still isn’t impressed though, asking, “How about people who don’t feel like squading up? How about people that can just go and get the f***ing camo?”

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Skynet “is gonna forever have that stain on it where it’s not a thing of like ‘look how hard I grinded for this,’ it’s a thing of ‘look how hard I grinded for this while other people couldn’t grind for it. Like literally could not grind for it,'” he explained.

“I don’t really look at Skynet like ‘damn, that’s really impressive that they got that,’ it’s more of a ‘oh that’s the camo that literally a portion of the entire player base couldn’t even begin to unlock.'”

Perhaps the Titanium Trials Duos mode will be much more forgiving to Solo players than Quads, but there are only a few days left as Season 5 is set to arrive on Wednesday, August 24.

Image Credit: FaZe Jev

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