Everything you need to know about Call of Duty: Warzone Plunder Mode

Battle Royale is not the only mode available in Call of Duty: Warzone. There’s a second mode called Plunder, which Infinity Ward wants to be the fun side experience for those who want a more casual experience compared to the intensities of Battle Royale games.

Plunder is all about the team who secures the most Cash in game.

Here’s how the mode works:

The objective of Plunder is to go around the map and find as much cash as possible to accumulate a total of $1 million in cash.

In this mode, the amount of cash you can find is dramatically increased compared to Battle Royale.

Plunder has a 30 minute timer for players to reach $1 million in cash. When a team reaches $1 million in Cash secured, an overtime phase is triggered in the mode. The team that deposited the $1 million in Cash has their $1 million secured. During this overtime phase, the amount of Cash you find is doubled. The team with the most cash when the time ends wins the match.

If no one reaches $1 million in Cash by the 30 minute mark, the team with the most money secures the win.

A very important aspect for this mode is that respawn is fully enabled. If you die, there’s a 15 second timer, and once that’s up, you can sent back to redeploy onto the map to get back into the action. There is no Gulag in this mode.

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In addition, players have their own create a class loadouts to use in Plunder mode in Call of Duty: Warzone. You spawn back in with your create a class loadout in this mode.

Players also will drop their Cash when they die. There’s a certain amount of Cash you will drop when you die, so if you have too much on you, it’s a risk to stay in the open. But, players can secure their Cash and deposit them in one of two ways:

The first is through specially marked Helicopter pads that are located around the map. At these pads, you have to run up to them, press a button to activate the pad, and wait for a chopper to arrive. When the chopper arrives, you can then deposit the cash you have on you — that cash is then secured and cannot be taken away. But, there’s a huge risk with these helicopter deposits — there’s no cover around them at all, and you can be shot while attempting to deposit.

The second way is through Deposit Balloons that can be found at certain Buy Stations throughout the map that you have to use the Cash to buy. But there’s a catch with these portable deposit: it can only take a deposit of up to $150,000. The chopper deposits does not have the limit.

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We will have more information to share on Plunder on March 10. For now, catch up on everything Warzone related, including full details on the Battle Royale mode, here.

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