Easiest way to kill Krampus in Warzone Pacific

Hamza Khalid
Krampus in Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Festive Fervor event brought the creature Krampus to the battle royale title, and battling him can be difficult, but there’s one easy way for you to win the fight.

The new Warzone Pacific Festive Fervor Event brought some holiday-themed content to the battle royale title, including the beast Krampus who is a boss that you and your teammates can battle.

However, defeating this creature has proven to be exceedingly difficult, and players have called for the developers to nerf him. So, we’ll cover the easiest way for you to bring down Krampus in Warzone.

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How to kill Krampus in CoD Warzone

Krampus in Vanguard Warzone Festive Fervor event

If you want to beat Krampus, then you’ll need to equip some of the most powerful Vanguard weapons that you can find in Warzone. We recommend sticking with LMGs to get the best results.

You can go with the Type 11 or Bren gun because they’ll ensure that you dish out a large amount of damage with plenty of ammo. Once you’ve got the right weapon, you just need to plan out your attack.

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Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Keep your distance and fire at Krampus to slowly drain his health
  2. Stay out of corners while firing and keep moving around an open space
  3. Watch his movements and take cover behind trees during his attacks
  4. Follow this strategy until you’ve brought him down
Krampus in Warzone's Festive Fervor

Taking down Krampus within the time limit will grant you 2000 XP, and the beast will also drop $10,000 in cash. You’ll also find a Munitions Box to reload the ammo you used up in this battle.

Raven Software might look into the complaints by players about the difficulty of fighting Krampus, but for now, you’ll just have to stick to this strategy if you want to collect those neat rewards.

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Image credits: Raven Software

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