Crazy Warzone invincibility glitch is giving players free wins

Operator using Compound Bow in Warzone

A strange Warzone glitch is giving invincibility to downed players on Caldera and Rebirth Island, helping them survive in the final zone and secure free wins.

Warzone players have had to deal with their fair share of glitches that have different effects on gameplay, such as killing players that win the gulag and breaking the in-game audio after getting kills.

Now, reports are coming in of another bizarre glitch that is making players invincible when they’re downed, allowing them to survive and secure easy wins on Caldera and Rebirth Island.

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Warzone Combat Bow killstreak

On April 16, one Redditor highlighted this glitch in the CoD Warzone subreddit. After being downed by an enemy during combat, the player went to use their Self-Revive to get back in the fight.

A Combat Bow killstreak then went off nearby, causing the revive progress to become halted. However, this also caused their health bar to stop decreasing, allowing them to stay alive in their downed state.

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The player became immune to all forms of damage, including the toxic gas in the final zone. As a result, they were able to outlive all of their opponents until the Warzone victory cutscene played.

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While this may seem concerning to players worried about a new exploit in the game, it’s extremely difficult to perform. You’ll need to have Self-Revive ready while a nearby player uses the Combat Bow killstreak.

One user pointed out that this could be the Riot Shield exploit that was also present in Verdansk. That glitch would make players with Riot Shields invincible after getting hit by a Combat Bow.

We don’t expect many players to be able to recreate this glitch. At the time of writing it remains to be seen whether or not Raven Software will patch it up before Warzone Pacific Season 3 finally arrives.

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Image Credit: Activision