Crazy Warzone exploit gives players unlimited Juggernauts

Liam Mackay

A YouTuber has highlighted an exploit that grants players unlimited juggernauts, leading to four-man teams being kitted out with this overpowered upgrade.

This powerful killstreak was first added to Warzone in the much-loved ‘Juggernaut Royale.’ Since then, Infinity Ward has added several ways to unlock this armor and minigun combination in regular modes.

Although by no means impossible, taking out a juggernaut is tricky. They have an incredible amount of health and a minigun capable of tearing through armor and destroying vehicles in seconds. You can follow our guide on how to easily take out a juggernaut in Warzone, but there’s nothing you can do if you come against several.

Due to an exploit, meeting full squads of juggs has become common in Warzone.

Unlimited juggernaut exploit

YouTuber cable711 uploaded a video titled “Warzone UNLIMITED JUGGERNAUTS (sadly not clickbait)” which has quickly gained traction online.

In the video, he shows how through perfect timing, the juggernaut canister can be duplicated. With a killstreak equipped, “if you time it just right, you’ll pull out the canister while you drop the juggernaut on the ground, allowing you to throw as many juggernauts as you can time correctly.”

Through this exploit, he was allowed to throw over 12 juggernauts in only a couple of minutes. Popular YouTuber JGod also covered this exploit, suggesting it’s possible the same method could also give players unlimited loadouts.

Full squads have been replicating this exploit, allowing them to effortlessly win games. As this is a problem inside Warzone itself and not because of third-party software, it’s likely fixing this exploit will be a high priority for Activision.

However, it seems that most players would rather juggernauts were removed from regular Warzone altogether.

Although frustrating to play against, it’s not worth trying to duplicate this glitch yourself. Activision could take action against players using this exploit, resulting in account bans.

As well as this glitch, players could also purchase unlimited self-revives from Buy Stations during the in-game Fire Sale event.

This exploit has further demonstrated how overpowered and frustrating the juggernaut is to play against in Warzone.

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