CoD: Warzone cheaters hit with another ban wave

Raven has one-upped on their promise to ban cheaters in CoD: Warzone by hitting them with yet another ban wave.

Recently, Raven has started communicating more with the Call of Duty community after the recent banning of over 60,000 Warzone cheaters.

This comes after months of community backlash regarding Warzone’s anti-cheat and the game’s overall state and competitive integrity. Cheaters in-game have seemingly gone unpunished for months, and high-tier play has been infested with obvious aimbotters and wallhackers.

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The issue has compounded so harshly, it has led to content creators and streamers reaching breaking points. Streamers like NICKMERCS and Symfuhny quit competitive Warzone entirely, and frustrated players like Bobbypoff had meltdowns on stream.

This, however, all changed on February 3, 2021, when Raven finally announced the first major ban wave in months, resulting in the bans of over 60,000 accounts. Since then, the community has requested more regular communication regarding cheating, and just six days later, it seems Raven is holding onto that promise.

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In a Tweet, Raven has announced that another ban wave has hit Verdansk, but has not opted to disclose the number of players. They have also stated that anti-cheat efforts are to be stepped up, with “more to come.”

We’re unsure of what “more to come” actually means, but for anti-cheat measures, this could be in the form of more blockades and measures taken to ensure new players have a tougher time making duplicate accounts to cheat on.

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Thus far we have forced phone authentication for PC, so we could be looking at more systems that involve player authentication.

Hopefully, we get word from Raven in the coming weeks on what’s ahead in the fight against cheaters in our beloved battle royale.

Image Credit: Activision/Infinity Ward