CoD players reveal the Perks they hope Infinity Ward ditch for Warzone 2

Joseph Pascoulis
combat scout warzone

In anticipation of Warzone 2, players are hoping that the devs do not include the Perks Combat Scout and Serpentine in the sequel.

Warzone has officially entered its final season, and while all the new content in the update like the Caldera map changes, the Heroes and Villians event, and the RA 225 SMG is keeping players entertained, there are still complaints among the community.

Some are unhappy with the new Warzone Season 5 Gulag, claiming that the audio is broken on the map, while others are more concerned about how the devs are getting on with Warzone 2.

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We recently heard from Infinity Ward on an audio improvement for Modern Warfare 2, which will likely be included in Warzone 2, which has the community split, with some believing it could be worse for the game.

However, players are now worried about which Perks will be included in Warzone 2, expressing their dislike for both Combat Scout and Serpentine, hoping they won’t be included in Warzone 2.

Reddit user OrochuOdenMain91 put a post up in the Warzone subreddit saying they “hope (Combat Scout and Serpentine) never come back and exist for WZ2.”

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“Even after the nerfs for Serpentine, ppl are still using it. It has a 34% pick rate…Serpentine nerfs do nothing. Combat Scout has a whopping 40% pick rate.”

Serpentine is set to get yet another nerf during Warzone Season 5, which could heavily impact its power, so perhaps that will make a difference to its pick rate and usefulness.

While this player and some in the comments don’t want to see Serpentine or Combat Scout return, others disagree. One player said “Serpentine is countered by the disabling perk,” while another claims that “Combat scout doesn’t remotely bother (them).”

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Regardless, both Combat Scout and Serpentine are new Perks in Warzone, and nothing has been confirmed about their presence in the next installment of the battle royale.

If anything, Warzone 2’s Perks will be connected to Modern Warfare 2’s, so when we have more confirmation about the Perks in MW2, we’ll have a better understanding of whether Combat Scout or Serpentine will be included.

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