CoD devs tease classic Modern Warfare villain arrives in Warzone & Vanguard

Nathan Warby
Captain Price with Warzone Season 4 cover

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded has been officially announced, and the roadmap has teased that a classic villain from the Modern Warfare series could be on the to both Warzone and Vanguard very soon.

Vanguard and Warzone Season 4 Reloaded has been unveiled, promising players a boatload of new content from a new weapon in the Vargo-S, to a crossover with the iconic Terminator franchise.

But eagle-eyed players will notice that the Season 4 Reloaded roadmap also hinted at the extra bonuses coming to both games as we prepare for the launch of Modern Warfare 2.

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The devs hinted that a recognizable villain from the Modern Warfare series will be making a dramatic comeback.

Warzone and Vangaurd Terminator using flamethrowe

Towards the end of the Warzone and Vanguard Season 4 Reloaded announcement, the devs mentioned new pre-order bonuses for Modern Warfare 2.

Those who secure their copy of Modern Warfare 2 early will receive the Final Judgement Bundle, containing a new Operator Skin and Weapon Blueprint. Alternatively, players can spend 1,500 COD Points to bag the add-on.

They then teased that another bundle is on the way, and will contain a character well-known to long-time Call of Duty of players. The announcement said: “Intel suggests a familiar foe may be crossing over into Vanguard as part of another bonus bundle, coming soon….”

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It isn’t clear from the blog post exactly which villain fans can expect to see, but the Modern Warfare series has a couple of iconic baddies that could be likely candidates.

General Shepherd in Modern Warfare 2

The most obvious pick would be General Shepherd, who turned out to be the main villain of the original Modern Warfare 2 after he betrayed Ghost and Roach, in one of the most memorable plot twists in the history of Call of Duty.

If it’s not Shepherd, then Vladamir Makarov is the next best bet. Makarov featured in each of the original Modern Warfare games, and although he was the main antagonist in MW3, he is probably best known for his role in the “No Russian” mission in MW2.

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There’s also Khaled Al-Asad, leader of OpFor in the first MW title and one of the game’s secondary foes. We’ll have to wait and see which legendary villain makes a comeback in the coming weeks.

Of course, there’s also every chance that the character is actually from World at War or the Black Ops games, but we’d expect to see someone from Modern Warfare who will show up in this year’s Modern Warfare 2, like Frank Woods ahead of Black Ops Cold War.

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The devs didn’t give an exact timeframe on when the bundle would release, but it likely won’t be too far away from the launch of Vanguard and Warzone Season 5.

In the meantime, be sure to check out how to fix low FPS issues in Warzone, and how to unlock the Push Dagger.

Image credits: Activision

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