Call of Duty: Warzone’s development team has grown by almost 50%

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A recent report has highlighted the significant growth of developers Raven Software. The main team behind Call of Duty: Warzone has increased their staff by approximately 50% in the last year to presumably cope with the demands of Warzone’s popularity.

It cannot be understated just how monumental Warzone’s first 12-15 months have been in the video game industry. Call of Duty was already a well-established franchise known around the world, but now Warzone, the free-to-play battle royale experience, has taken CoD to new heights.

Activision has entrusted Raven Software with the most control to steer the ship, and the game has been so successful that the company’s employee count has increased by over 100 since August 2020 – with more to come.

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According to a report by VGC, “the studio (Raven Software) has hired over 100 staff in less than a year, with at least 40 more roles still set to be filled.”

The battle royale shooter has experienced incredible growth since its launch in March 2020. The game has continued to expand its player base with the game now having had at least 100 million people playing Warzone during its lifetime.

VGC says that Raven Software’s LinkedIn shows that over 350 people work for the company, and at least 10 of those have been in the last year.

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They said: “In 2015, a company photograph (see below) taken during celebrations for Raven’s 25th anniversary showed around 150 employees, which suggests that it could have doubled in size in six years.

“And the company is currently advertising a further 41 open positions, which could take its total number of employees to well over 400 – potentially near-tripling its staff count compared to 2015.”

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Despite different problems troubling the game such as God Mode glitches enabling invincibility and invisibility glitches, people still continue to spend hours enjoying the battle royale game.

Not only that, but Warzone regularly plays host to pro tournaments with thousands of dollars on the line. With rumors of the new Call of Duty: Vanguard title in the works, it seems like Warzone is set to be expanded with new World War II content.

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